Thursday, April 24, 2014

Time for the garden

This post is a little late, but oh well.  Almost 3 weeks ago, we planted our vegetable garden.  It actually took us a few days to get it all weeded, tilled up, and planted.

(I say we, but I really mean Jared.  The girls helped.  I took pictures.  And was probably in the house cooking.)

Day 1:  Weeding and tilling.

Addy was all into shoveling.

They were supposed to be digging up rocks, but Addy was mostly throwing out dirt.

Pulling weeds.

We planted tomatoes in some pots.  Izzy's putting a seed in the dirt.

Addy's turn.

Patting it down.

Day 2:  Weeding and tilling some more.

While Jared was at work one day, the girls took it upon themselves to get in the garden and help him out.

Day 3:  Planting time.

Once the garden spot was weeded and tilled, we were ready to plant.  We planted tomatoes, okra, jalapeno peppers, and bell peppers.

Jared built little mounds for everything but the okra.

Izzy used this net to poke holes for the seeds.

Addy just looked for worms.

Dropping seeds into the mound.

Working hard!

Here's a picture of the final product.  We ended up with 6 rows:  3 rows of tomatoes, one row of okra, one of jalapenos, and one of bell peppers.  (As well as a few pots of tomatoes.  Tomatoes galore.  You know, nobody likes tomatoes around here but me...)

We had planted only 2 rows of tomatoes with everything else, and had one row left.  I kind of wanted to plant either zucchini squash or some multi-colored bell peppers.  However, Jared went to the store one day and came back with some starter tomatoes.  Why?  I have no idea.  He doesn't even like tomatoes!

(That's what I get for sending him to the store.  He's always coming back with random stuff.  Stick to the list, man!)

No zucchini for me.  (Sad face).

Last year our garden did really well.  Hopefully it will produce again.  I'm going to try to post progress on it periodically.

Anybody else gardening this year?

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