Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Beginning our nature journaling

We started our first "official" homeschool year almost three weeks ago, with Izzy (6) starting first grade.  Since we're brand new at this, and since it's summertime, these last 2 or 3 weeks have been more of a  transition time.  Even though we're almost three weeks in, there are still some things that we have yet to begin, but we're slowly getting there.  Plus we're (read:  I'm) still figuring out a good routine/schedule/flow to our days.

Anyway, one of the things that has taken us awhile to finally implement is our nature journals.  We've been on several nature walks, but the act of drawing or writing something down has not happened...until now!

On Monday we went on a walk around our neighborhood.  When we came back to the house I asked Izzy if there was anything that she wanted to draw or write about in her nature journal.  I do plan to eventually have a focus area, but for now, since it's new and we're developing the habit, I'm going to go with her interests.

She decided to draw a blackberry bush - we actually have three different blackberry bushes growing in our neighborhood.

I have an old Reader's Digest Complete Book of the Garden and we found a nice picture of part of a blackberry bush.  Izzy used the picture to draw hers.

I wasn't going to make Addy (4) draw anything, but she was more than willing!  She decided to draw a couple of flowers that are around our neighborhood - a dandelion (of course) and a daisy.  She actually asked for her own nature journal, too, but I had to explain that she'll get one when she turns 6 and begins real school.  I think she was a little disappointed :(  Instead, she just drew on plain white paper and I put it in a sheet protector in a binder.

I found this wildflower book at a yard sale awhile ago, and it was perfect for finding some nice pictures.


Addy and I took turns drawing the petals of the flowers, but she did the rest and colored it.  Izzy did hers completely on her own.  I thought they did such a good job!  Especially since these are their first nature drawings and we haven't done any drawing lessons yet.

And here's Addy's daisy.

Unfortunately, I didn't draw anything in my journal because I was busy helping Addy with her drawings.

How is your nature journaling going?