Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy weekends

Blogging is addicting.

Just like facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.  And what I don't want is to get too obsessed with this whole blogging thing and miss out on the real world.

That's why I haven't blogged in awhile.  That's why sometimes there's a large amount of time between my blog posts.

I can't let it take over.  There are more important things in this life.  We were not made to spend our time in front of a screen; TV, phone, computer, whatever.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This is the best day ever

We were sitting at the dinner table one evening last week when Izzy, who is almost 5, said something that she says quite a lot.

DSCN6978Let me tell you about that day first.  It's important to know that it had not been the best day ever.  Not the worst; but definitely not the best.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday = donuts

This morning was a lazy Saturday morning (what Saturday morning isn't?).  I was sitting on the couch drinking my coffee and enjoying the quiet.  The girls were still in bed and Jared had left for work...yes he's a teacher...yes he has to go to school on Saturdays...stinking snow days.

Then Izzy gets up, comes and sits by me on the couch, and says, "Mommy, I want breakfast."

No, "Good morning, Mommy."  No, "Hi, Mommy."  No hug.  Just, "I want breakfast."

She doesn't waste any time when it comes to her meals.  Hmmm, wonder who she gets that from?  (Papaw, ahem.)

So we made donuts!  Now, if you read my post about our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins, you'll know that I'm always trying to make our food a little healthier.  And these are no exception; I used whole wheat flour and they don't have any butter, oil, or eggs.  These are also baked donuts, and they're not the yeasty kind.  But even though they're healthier than a regular donut, they are still pretty fluffy and yummy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I find, then, a paradox

When I first started staying at home with my kids, I had big plans.

I just knew that I could keep the house clean, exercise, read, do some baking, make healthy meals all day long, and anything else I had a desire to do, all the while taking care of, spending time with, and teaching something to these children that were under my care.

Well that plan backfired.  Big time.

And it was hard for me.  Because, if you aren't aware, I am a perfectionist.  I expect a lot out of myself.  And if I don't live up to my standards, then I get frustrated and discouraged and consider myself a failure.

This is why I never excelled in sports.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

We all throw fits

The other night I just stood in the hallway while Addy sat on the bathroom floor throwing a big old-fashioned fit.
Everything had been fine.  We were getting ready for bed.  We changed into pajamas and brushed teeth.  Then, just like every other night, it was time to sit on the potty (that's mommy talk for "use the restroom").
But, apparently, that was not fine.  It was over.
She did not want me.  She didn't want to go potty.  She didn't want me to talk to her.  She didn't want to stay in the bathroom.
She threw a big, fat fit.
And yes, I know, she's almost 3, and it's the age.  I understand.  And I'm not complaining about it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

River Time! And a few thoughts on preschool-aged learning...

Warning!  There a ton of pictures in this post!

Last weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went down to the river.  We live very close to the White River (it’s only about a 5 minute drive) and like to take the girls every now and then, especially during the summer.