Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy weekends

Blogging is addicting.

Just like facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.  And what I don't want is to get too obsessed with this whole blogging thing and miss out on the real world.

That's why I haven't blogged in awhile.  That's why sometimes there's a large amount of time between my blog posts.

I can't let it take over.  There are more important things in this life.  We were not made to spend our time in front of a screen; TV, phone, computer, whatever.

That being said, I'm letting you know that I still plan to blog, but I just can't blog as often as others can.  I just can't do it multiple times a week.  I have children to care for and love, a husband to care for and love, a house to keep in order, and so forth.

I have a lot that I would like to write about, but I just have to be patient.  Man, that's difficult for me.  But all in due time...

Okay, moving on!!

We were quite busy these past couple of weekends.  We visited Jared's mom and stepdad, and got to see his brother and family.  The girls LOVE to play with their cousins, Keilee and Hadlee.

Addy just wanted to hug Keilee the whole time.

Izzy and Hadlee got along pretty well!

Uncle Jared is always torturing the girls.

Swinging, swinging, swinging!

Barbie time!

This past week was spring break.  Jared had the whole week off, but I had to babysit and only had Friday off.  So Friday we went to Branson and stayed the night there.

Izzy and Addy were so funny at the hotel.  I think they've stayed in a hotel twice before, but were both too little too remember it.  They seemed pretty confused about the situation, asking things like, "Why is this house so small?" and "Where are the other people?" (I guess because we were trying to explain that people stay in hotels when they're away from their homes) and "Where's the kitchen?"  It was cute.

Friday we went to Silver Dollar City and stayed until it rained on us.  It wasn't too crowded so we got to ride quite a bit.  Addy is finally tall enough to ride the other kiddie rides besides just the frogs and caterpillars!  But she still wanted to ride those, ha!  On the rides like the swings and the roller coaster, she held on to me for dear life and didn't crack a smile, but afterward said she like them and wanted to ride them again!

Izzy got brave this year and rode the pirate ship a couple of times.  Last year she rode it once and didn't want to again!

Waiting in line.

I guess I didn't have to ride the frogs with them, they're big enough to do it by themselves, but it's kinda fun...

Every time we waited in line, Izzy kept climbing up on the rails.

 A little tight (I think he wanted to ride, though)! 

Big sissy helping little sissy get strapped in.

Blowing kisses!

This is the first time Addy has been able to ride the little swings.

  Izzy liked the little swings a little bit.  But....

She liked Thunderation the best!  Her first actual roller coaster!  She rode it 3 times.  She did say it was kind of scary, but she loved it!

On Saturday, we went back to Silver Dollar City (the pictures above were from both days), and saw a few Christian bands perform.  Four bands performed, but the two bands Jared and I were familiar with were Kutlass and Audio Adrenaline.  By the time Audio Adrenaline got on stage, the girls were tired of the music and just wanted to ride rides so we left the concert early.  It was still fun, though.

When the concert started, Izzy said, "This is so loud."

But she liked it I think.  She danced a lot.  I have a pretty funny video of Izzy dancing, I may post it on facebook or here.  If you've ever seen Izzy dancing, she is hilarious!

Addy, on the other hand...

Did a lot of this.

A couple of pictures of Kutlass performing.

And Audio Adrenaline.

Man, were we exhausted after those two weekends.  But we had fun!  Hopefully the next weekend will be relaxing, because the following is the girls' birthdays!

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