Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter weekend 2014

Alright, finally uploading our Easter photos from this weekend!  We didn't do a big community or church Easter egg hunt this year; just at our house.

Jared and I filled eggs Sunday afternoon while the girls were resting.  (I've never decorated eggs and am not really motivated to.  We just get the plastic eggs, fill them with candy, and hide those.)

Then, once they got up, we hid them in the back yard.  (We waited because a lot of the candy was chocolate and we didn't want it to melt by the time we did the hunt.)  We told them to stay in Izzy's room (her window faces the front yard), but at one point Jared and I looked up while we were hiding the eggs and saw the girls peeking out the window from Addy's room (her window overlooks the backyard).


Anyway, finally they got to hunt!  So that they would each find an equal amount of eggs, we had them each pick colors to look for.  Izzy looked for blue, green and yellow, and Addy looked for pink, purple and orange.  That worked really well.

Don't know why she has that look on her face.
It took them a long time to find this one :)

They also had a little wagon with a bunch of eggs and candy in it.  We'll be eating on candy for weeks, ugh.

Now, time to eat the candy!

Opening Nana's Easter gift.  Every Easter she gets them a little tea set.

I think they had candy in their mouths all afternoon.

Izzy's tea set.  It was Precious Moments.  So cute!

Tea pot.

Izzy immediately filled her cups with jelly beans.

Addy's tea set.  Bunnies!

Tea pot.

Jelly bean plate.

After all that business, we made some rice crispy treat eggs.

Stirring up the butter and marshmallows.

We filled both sides of the eggs with the rice crispy treat goo, put an m&m on one side, closed it up, then popped out the rice crispy treat egg!

Putting sprinkles on them.

Here are a few pictures we took earlier in the day.  These were taken in front of the school where Jared teaches.  There were a lot of trees so it was nice and shaded for some decent pictures.
Yes, this is the same dress that Izzy wore for Easter pictures 2 years ago.  Addy wanted to wear it.

No picture of Jared...I offered but he said he wasn't dressed nice enough :(

It was a fun day.  I hope everyone had a great Easter!


  1. I can't tell you enough how much I love your blog! Those girls are so precious and the pictures are so good. Looks like they had a fun time....You and Jared are blessed!

    1. We absolute are, Joyce. And I'm glad you like the blog!

  2. I love all the pics! Yall had a wonderful day, I can tell!