Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birthday weekend, and oh the cake

This past weekend, both Izzy and Addy had birthdays.  Addy's was Saturday the 12th and she turned 3. Izzy's was Sunday the 13th and she turned 5.

No, I did not plan it that way.

For now, since they're still little, we can get away with having a joint birthday get-together. (I'm not going to call it a party. It's not a party; just a get-together with family. Even though it can still be stressful like a party. Especially when everyone comes over to your house. Which means cleaning. And shopping. And cooking. And running around trying to make everything go smoothly. And finishing up the cake (haha, the cake...that'll be interesting to talk about. Wait, can you do parentheses inside parentheses?) literally 5 minutes before people start walking through the door.)

Uhhh...what was I saying?

Oh yeah.  We can get away with having one party for now.  Thank goodness.  Don't know how long that will last, though.

All kidding aside, it was great to see everyone and I'm so glad and thankful they came.  It meant a lot.  And it was awesome to see Izzy and Addy have so much fun.  I know they had a blast.

Love those two pictures of Izzy and Keilee.

They got waaaayyy too much stuff; it was like Christmas all over again (and it looks like it from the blankets in the pictures below, doesn't it?  Don't laugh at me because all of our throw blankets are Christmasy.)  But that's what happens when children have 3 sets of grandparents.

Jared, remember when we said we don't really have to get the girls any gifts for Christmas and birthdays? When are we going to get a clue and start saving our money, huh?  ;)

The big presents from Jared and me were a bike for Addy (underneath the blue blanket) and a dollhouse for Izzy (underneath the other one).  They got all excited and took it upon themselves to investigate.  

I've always loved these dollhouses.  I remember going to Hobby Lobby while growing up and always going to that section of the store and looking at all of the houses and furniture.  We are so grateful to have stumbled across this one (they are expensive); it was given to us by a friend of Jared's.

I think she likes it :)

She LOVES her new "bid dirl" bike.

Roller skates from Nana.  Oh, gosh, she loves these.  But she's hilarious because she can't skate at all.

Baby doll swing

Guess who picked out the Superman kite?

Summer play shoes.  Look at that mess back there.

Baby doll beds from Aunt Debbie.

Addy decided to carry hers in the play room and put her baby to sleep.

Lots of Barbie stuff

Addy sneaking a bite of the homemade ice cream.

Which brings us to the cake.  Oh the cake.  Mom, I know you're laughing.

I got the big idea to make their cakes (and I would still rather do this than pay 20 bucks or however much per cake and buy them from the store).  The problem, however, was that I also got the big idea to decorate the cakes.

I did not inherit my mother's cake decorating gene.

Addy wanted a Dora cake and Izzy wanted Tinkerbell.  I decided to make Izzy a chocolate cake and Addy some funfetti cupcakes.  I thought the cupcakes turned out cute. 

Shaped like a "3" of course.

Now, to Izzy's cake.  Has anyone ever seen the website Cake Wrecks?  My mom is the one who told me about it, and it is hilarious.  It's exactly what it says:  cake wrecks.  Cakes that are wrecked.  Messed up. Hideous, even. Hilariously hideous.

Here was my inspiration for Izzy's cake.  (Oh me oh my, why am I even showing this?  Because I can laugh at myself, I guess.  Although, at the time, I was not laughing.)

Oh, isn't it precious?  I think I got it off pinterest.

Here is what I managed to put together.

Oh, isn't it not near as precious?

Now, thankfully my cake can't be put on that website because I am not a professional (obviously).  Izzy, however, was super excited about it.  I just thought it was funny.  

You know, if you take away the fairies, the river, and the flowers, it kind of looks like a bed.  


Sorry, my perfect-at-decorating-cakes mom, haha!  Maybe we should see what Josh can do with a cake? ;)

Three of the Tinkerbell fairy friends were on the cake and Izzy got the others as one of her birthday gifts.  Once she saw the cake, she and Keilee immediately put the others on it.  All over it.  And then they proceeded to stick their fingers all over the cake and lick off the icing.  No wonder I have a whole bunch of cake left over...

Blowing out the candles.

Addy not blowing hers out.  She just sat there with that cupcake to her mouth.  She doesn't like to be the center of attention.  Wonder who she gets that from?

Licking the frosting off the toys.

It's always difficult to get a good pick of all 4 of them.

This is Sunday morning, Izzy's birthday, and she comes out of her room wearing those skates.

Her birthday breakfast:  kolaches!

Flying their new kite.  Oh, Izzy and those skates.

Cute patootie.

She's doing a pretty good job!

Addy wanted to go for a bike ride, of course. 

Nanny and Papa Dan came over Sunday to bring their gifts for the girls.

Golf clubs.  Better than a drum set ;)

Dress up time!

So, it was a fun weekend.  The girls have been playing and having a good time with their new toys.  (Many of which are not pictured in this post.)

But then, while Izzy was watching TV yesterday, she saw a commercial for some doll toy and said, "I want that. Mom, can I have one more birthday present?"

You gotta be kidding me.

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