Friday, October 25, 2013

What a week

It has been one of those weeks. 

It may have started with the baby that I babysit, or with a couple of the kids that Izzy plays soccer with.  Either way, we got sick.  Except for Jared, maybe his flu shot paid off.

Izzy woke up with a fever on Tuesday and spent most of the day in bed.  I found out that the baby that I babysit had been sick over the weekend and was getting over it on Monday, so maybe that's where it came from (the baby got it from his dad).  Or she may have gotten it from a couple of the kids she plays soccer with; they were kind of sick last week at practice.

Then Wednesday the other little boy I babysit woke up with a fever.  They still brought him over because he wasn't acting too sick or anything, and we figured Izzy already had it so that didn't matter, and Addy would probably get it anyways.

So Tuesday and Wednesday were fun.  I about wore myself out trying to keep the kids from coughing all over each other and trying to keep their hands washed and my hands washed and trying to keep the house and toys sanitized.

Then Thursday I woke up feeling yucky.  Of course.  I tried so hard to avoid it!  Mom, you were right.  So, needless to say, Thursday was not the best day.

Today I'm feeling better, though.  I guess whatever we got was just a 24 hour thing because Tuesday was the only day Izzy felt bad and yesterday was the only day I felt pretty bad.  Well, actually as I'm typing this, Izzy keeps coming out of her room to blow her nose.  She said it was stuffy.

And now Addy has a little bit of a fever.  Hopefully it'll just be for today.  But she's not as whiney as Izzy was.  I guess the older you get, the more aware you are of the fact that you don't feel well, and the more whinier you get.

So today, I told myself I would not let myself feel guilty for parking the kiddos in front of the tv for awhile this morning.  They watched Dora and rested.  I rested.  And folded laundry.  We were running out of clothes.

Anyways, I've got lots of pictures (I know that's what you're waiting for, ha).  We took a few pictures before church on Sunday.  Nanny Cindy got the girls matching dresses.

Sunday evening, Jared took the girls down by the river and they walked around. 

Monday night, we made pizza.  I usually cut off about 1/3 of the dough for the girls' pizza, and make mine and Jared's out of the other 2/3.  This time, though, I split the dough into three pieces and made 3 smaller pizzas.  Jared and I wanted try a buffalo chicken pizza - it's the one on the right.  The girls' is the one on the left; they like pepperoni and black olives.  Maybe one of these days I'll post my pizza dough recipe.  You know, since everyone who blogs has to post their recipes. 

Wednesday, after the boys got picked up, the girls and I broke out the hot chocolate for the first time this fall.  Izzy and Addy loved it.  Addy kept saying, "It's hot chocolate!  It's hot chocolate!"  She was excited.  They're so funny. 

Izzy has a marshmallow on the end of her straw.  She kept doing that.

Then they went outside and played in the dirt.

Wow, that was a lot in one post.  It's just so hard to find time to do this!  I always feel like there are other things I should be doing.  I guess our week wasn't too bad.  Now back to the laundry...


  1. Glad you guys are doing better. And thankfully it didn't last long. I can't wait to see yall and the girls in their costumes. Happy Birthday, again! Love ya.