Monday, April 6, 2015

A great weekend

We just finished Easter weekend, and it was a good one.  There are a few things that I think make a full weekend:
  1. Plenty of quality time spent with family.
  2. Plenty of time spent outdoors.
  3. Maybe a little cooking/baking together.
We definitely checked off all three of those items this weekend.

Saturday we spent most of the day outside (I spent more time inside than Jared and the girls because I'm still plagued with pregnancy exhaustion) working on a little landscaping - planting flowers and what not.  The girls were so good helping Daddy plant and water.

Izzy took her job manning the faucet seriously.  And I'm pretty sure our next water bill will be a bit higher - she kept forgetting which way to turn it off.

Jared decided to move one of the cherry trees that was in the backyard to the front.  Izzy worked hard shoveling.

Addy just watched and ate her apples.

Later we went inside and made our rice krispy eggs.  I'm thinking this will be a yearly tradition - this is the second year we've done it and the girls love it.

This year we added sprinkles.

There may be a surprise inside those...

Easter morning.  I made a big oven pancake (I'll post a recipe later this week - it was really good!), cut up some strawberries to go with it (with pancake syrup, of course), and Jared cooked up some bacon (he can't eat pancakes without bacon).  We always try to eat breakfast together on the weekends.  Jared leaves for work too early during the week to eat with us.  

Egg hunting time!

They had to crack open every egg, of course.

It rained not too long after the girls hunted eggs and when it finally quit in the later afternoon, we went for a walk.

Love this picture of Izzy.  She looks so much older!

Throwing sticks of course.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!


  1. Wow, it's so green where you are! I'm trying hard not to be jealous. We still have a few feet of snow, which is fairly unusual here for this time of year. (Not the snow part, the "few feet of" part.) Those krispy eggs look fun.

    1. Oh wow I don't think I could handle anymore snow! I've been so thankful for the warm weather and sunshine, even though it's been raining a lot - April showers :)