Monday, November 17, 2014

First snow of the season

(Yes.  My blog looks different.  I like change I guess.)

It snowed!  Already!  And it's not even Thanksgiving!

This is the earliest I can remember it ever snowing.  It wasn't much, but definitely enough to excite the girls...and Jared :)

Yes.  The girls are wearing the same caps as last year.  And the same coats.  They still fit!  And on a different note, doesn't Addy look like my mom here?  I think so.

Snowball throwing time!

Gotta get daddy back.
And what do you think Addy is doing here?  (No, she's not smoking a cigarrette.)  That's right.  Eating the snow.  As usual.
Everyone has to taste the snow.

Ooooohhh, got him right on the leg!
Catching snowflakes. 
Watch out, Addy!
Probably thinking up a plan to get daddy back.

There's nothing like playing in the snow!

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