Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A few fall pics

I just love fall.  Last weekend we went and took some pictures of the girls.  As you can tell these were not professionally done.  Just me (my non-photographer self) and my (non-professional) camera.  But, like Jared said, pictures are pictures.  Whether they look professional or not, they will still capture the beauty and (hopefully) innocence of my children while they're still so little bitty :)

These were taken where everyone else takes pictures around here:  around the White River in Cotter.

Besties forever I hope :)

The girls were really good.  They (Addy) didn't whine or complain while we shuffled them around, making them sit still and cross your legs, Addy, and put your shoulder down, Izzy, and smile, smile, I said smile!

Like I said, they were great, except when they were climbing along the rocks because I wanted them to sit on a particular one and I was deathly afraid they would fall.  You know how dads are when they're (supposed to be) helping the little ones...ahem.

Anyway, a lot of the pictures turned out decent (see all of the above), and a lot of them did. not.  Including the ones in which the girls risked their little lives to sit on the one rock jutting out over the water.  :(

Hope you liked them!

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