Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gingerbread Houses finally!

Alright, we finally did them!!

From start to finish, they took about an hour and a half.  That included me putting the houses together (I used graham crackers...who has time to actually make the gingerbread????), trying to find stuff to put in them (I mentioned in my previous post how, like my mom used to, I put little gifts inside the houses before I glue on the roof) because I was apparently unprepared and didn't have anything really small to fit in them (I ended up putting two little bags of skittles and some cute markers I had found at Target...Barbie ones for Izzy and Dora for Addy...that's all I had!!), and finally decorating/eating all of the candy decorations.

The girls had a big time.  Especially Izzy.  She kept saying, "I want to do our gingey houses."  I guess that was her nickname for the gingerbread houses.  She had been wanting to do them for a few days....because I kept bringing it up and not following through.  Such is life as a mom.  *Sigh*

Wow, look at all the awesome candy they got to use.

Here we go, I broke out the bag of marshmallows.

 This is where Addy ate a pink jelly bean and was telling me she didn't like it.

Here is where Addy is, of course, eating the candy.

Still eating...

Both eating...

Doing yoga I guess...

I'm betting Addy was eating something over there.

Nope, mom, I didn't do the pretty green icing for the trees. 

Hey, now Addy, that's enough.  You're gonna have trouble going to the bathroom.

All done!  I think they enjoyed themselves.

And then....

Izzy was examining her house and trying to push a piece of candy back onto the roof. 

And it caved in.  Ha!

So I was like, "Don't look!!"  And then I pushed her out of the way...I'm kidding.  But I made her leave so she wouldn't see the amazing goodies inside (see above), and luckily we had a little bit of icing left to fix it. 

Fun times!

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