Sunday, December 6, 2015

On indifference

The one church out of the seven in the book of Revelation that Jesus had nothing positive to say about was the church of the Laodiceans (Rev. 3:14).

This church was neither hot nor cold.  These believers were indifferent.  Basically, they were satisfied with where they were.  They believed they had "need of nothing."

I keep thinking how dangerous this is, to think that we are in a good place.  To think that because things are going well, we are good to go.  To think that because we understand something, we understand everything.  To come to a place where, whether we realize it or not, we stop seeking the Lord with all our of our being - a place where there's no passion for God, no zeal.

We will be vomited out of His mouth.


Jesus basically tells this church to "be zealous and repent."

Be zealous:  Seek the Lord with our whole being.  Be on fire for Him.  Desire Him to be the center of our lives.  These are things we must actively do.  This is not a passive way of living or thinking, it's an active way.

Repent:  This begins with humility and acknowledging that we need God.  We are nothing without Him.  We know nothing without Him.  There is always more to learn.  There is always more growth to be had.

May we always seek first His kingdom and righteousness.

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