Sunday, November 1, 2015

Baby Paige

It's November 1st and I'm going to join Amy and focus my blog this month on being thankful.  Not saying I'll be able to post everyday, though!  You know, newborns and whatnot :)

We are so very thankful for our newest addition, Olivia Paige!  (We are calling her Paige, by the way.)  She was born September 9 at 1:07 p.m.  She weighed 7 lb., 12 oz., and was 21 in. long.

Some of you may not know that the day after Paige was born, she was air-lifted to a children's hospital about 3 hours away from our home.  She then spent the next almost 4 weeks in the NICU.  It was pretty touch-and-go for awhile, but she pulled through and we were finally able to take her home on October 6.  (I've been working on a post about our experience and one of these days I'll finish it!)

We thank God everyday for her.  She is such a joy and we are so blessed. 


  1. Aww, beautiful! I thank the Lord with you for bringing her this far. What a blessing!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a sweetie! :) I'm so glad you're all ok! Praise God! Looking forward to seeing more cute baby pics. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Please share this type of more post…..!!!!!