Monday, June 9, 2014

Pools, parades, parks, and ponds, oh my

Alright, it's about time for a family update!  

(My Ephesians series will continue tomorrow.)

When it hasn't been raining, the girls have been doing quite a bit of swimming.  

Okay, yes we have two pools.  The pink one is from last summer but it's still in pretty good shape.  The blue one below is a new one that we bought at the end of last summer (on clearance, of course).  It's bigger and deeper, but the girls can still touch.  They usually float around on baby floaties, though.

Izzy spends most of the time trying to blow water out of the noodles in order to spray people.  She's not very good at it.

Over the weekend there was a parade.  Izzy's holding up a bracelet from White Water.  Why?  I don't know.

Waiting for it to start.

Candy time!

Oh man, they got sooooooo much candy.  It's a good thing because, you know, we were about out of our Easter candy....


Sunday, we went to the park before the rain started and continued all. day. long.

They love this thing.

Okay, it took us living here 4 years before I realized that this particular park has a really neat trail and pond right beside it!

These are the steps leading up to the pond.  Next time we'll have to bring some bread for the ducks.

Addy tried to chase them.  Notice how Izzy's holding her back, ha.

There were a ton of turtles in the water just staring at us.  I guess we need to bring some bread for them, too.

Addy spotted the ducks again.

They finally took off in the water, though.

Addy and a turtle having a staring contest I think.

Izzy kept trying to feed them dirt.

There's a trail that goes around the pond and the park with a bunch of really old historical buildings.

An old schoolhouse.

The doors are locked so we couldn't go in any of the houses, but the girls still had a big time exploring.

I don't know why they sat way over on the side.

This house apparently belonged to some of Jared's ancestors on his mother's side.  They were Talberts.

There's a small sign on the left side of the door.  Apparently Jared may be related to George Washington...

I don't really know what this is.

Had to throw this one in here.  We get this look a lot from Addy.

Izzy found a hollow stick and carried it around with her the rest of the time.  She has it in the picture above, too.

She kept trying to whistle with it.

Back at the park.

Jared kept tickling Addy.

She, in turn, hit him.  She doesn't put up with stuff like that.

Sunday evening we put together Addy's new big girl bed!

This was really the extent of their helping.

They just played with Jared's tools.

Addy kept saying stuff was broken and she had to fix it.  Including my leg.

All done!  It has a trundle, too, but we hadn't brought it in here yet.

First thing they do?  Grab a book.  Love my girlies so so much :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!


  1. Enjoyed looking at these. Thanks for posting. I printed out your Ephesians questions...Dad and I were discussing them over the weekend, ha.

  2. This is one of my favorites. The pictures were great

    1. Glad you enjoyed them :)
      And thank you for actually reading my blog, ha ;)