Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Days!

This post will be mainly pictures of our snow days as of late.  We went outside today and went sledding (there's a couple of hills in our neighborhood), but I couldn't take any pictures because we don't have any batteries for our camera.

So....these pictures are from the first couple of snows that we had this winter.

Izzy doesn't eat as much snow anymore, but that's all Addy wants to do.  She just stands around, eating snow while Jared hits her with snow balls.  She doesn't flinch.  Then after about 10 minutes of being outside, she's ready to go back inside because she's too cold.

Jared being himself...aka the 10 year old still inside of him.

Didn't have a really clear picture of Izzy going down the snow-covered slide.

Ummmm....they don't go around kissing each other all time but I thought this was a funny picture.  Also notice the Christmas tree....so, yeah, these pics are from awhile ago.

Helping Daddy shovel the driveway.

Going shopping I guess.

Eating more snow.

Had to get them to pose for some pics.

And, this is before we bought an actual sled...

Yep, that's just a tub.

Yum!  Look at those icicles!


  1. Love it. Love the pics. Love yall! And looks like tub worked great. Remember, Dad pulled yall in a cardboard box!! LOL

  2. Thanks, Joyce.

    Yes, I remember Dad pulling us, and we tried that! But it got too wet.